Jacques Emile Ruhlman
(1834 –  1904)

Jacques Emile RuhlmanÉmile-Jacques Ruhlmann, his first names often seen reversed as Jacques-Émile, was a renowned French designer of furniture and interiors, epitomising for many the glamour of the French Art Deco style of the 1920s.


    • "A clientele of artists, intellectuals and connoisseurs of modest means is very congenial, but they are not in a position to pay for all the research, the experimentation, the testing that is needed to develop a new design.
    • Only the very rich can pay for what is new and they alone can make it fashionable.
    • Fashions don't start among the common people. Along with satisfying a desire for change, fashion's real purpose is to display wealth."
    • "Whether you want it or not, a style is just a craze. And fashion does not come up from humble backgrounds.