A W Pugin
(1812 – 1852)

A W PuginAugustus Welby Northmore Pugin  was an English architect, designer, artist and critic, chiefly remembered for his pioneering role in the Gothic Revival style.

His work culminated in the interior design of the Palace of Westminster. Pugin designed many churches in England, and some in Ireland and Australia. Pugin was the son of Auguste Pugin, and the father of EW and Edmund Peter Paul Pugin, who continued his architectural firm as Pugin & Pugin.

  • how many objects of ordinary use are rendered monstrous and ridiculous simply because the artist, instead of seeking the most convenient form, and then decorating it, has embodied some extravagance to conceal the real purpose for which the article has been made

  • I shall, as I love art, consider utility before beauty, in order that my art may be fostered and not despised. Curves will be found to be beautiful just as they are subtle in character

  • a monkey can imitate, man can create
  • the outline of furniture should be cared for first followed by proportions, details and materials

  • the arm of art is the production of repose.